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Rewind Tour

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To ensure a successful launch of the Toyota CH-R, we established a digital ecosystem in collaboration with two partners: The Loft Epicurien and New World. The objective was clear:

  • Create an immersive experience in an urban environment to establish an emotional connection with the target audience, specifically young people.
  • Increase brand awareness, drive traffic to dealerships, and encourage vehicle test drives.

Together, we developed a remarkable activation, and we owe a great deal of gratitude to Big Data for uncovering this insightful gem! Our revelation was simple: 'At what point in a person's life are their musical preferences formed?' For women, it's at the age of 13, and for men, it happens a little later, at 14.

Armed with this knowledge, we created a sensational phygital activation featuring your favorite songs from when you were 13 and 14 years old! The key to its success? A captivating roadshow that spanned various locations in Belgium, including town centers and festivals, where we launched a massive live music quiz alongside an online version.

Here's how it worked:

We organized a captivating live competition with up to 4 participants, where each individual was seated in an actual Toyota or participated through a dedicated website for online engagement.

Participants simply entered their date of birth, and the system generated a personalized playlist titled "When You Were 13," along with a unique musical quiz based on that playlist.

Each participant received instant prizes, and they were also given a shareable link to spread the joy of their quiz and surprise playlist.

During the action at rue Antoine Dansaert in Brussels, a father and his daughter got into the car, the daughter asked for her father’s date of birth and the game compiled a playlist in relation to it. The father was delighted to know the songs and to get the right answer to the Quiz while his daughter admired her dad.