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Check out one of the most ambitious cases of our agency Grand masters. Our client, Cofidis, sought a year-long digital activation concept to introduce their brand and values to online users. The objective was to engage users through digital activation, field activation and various events in 2019-2020.

To achieve this, we invented an EgaM: e for digital, gam-e for competitions and m for magazine.

We implemented a strategy bad-ass plan based on the expectations of the target group regarding specific gains, with content revolving around stories and anecdotes.

We reflected on the UX/UI, prioritizing smartphone use with an optimized navigation structure. We designed a graphic atmosphere that would immerse fans in a world entirely dedicated to cycling.

We envisioned a dedicated space in the house for a cycling enthusiast to indulge their passion for their bike. This interactive room would transform and evolve throughout the year, adapting its appearance to align with the contests and prizes being offered.