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Creation —

Global Communication, creation and onceptualization

Looking for creative campaigns that really leave a mark?

We make you part of the process and brainstorm with you for unique results.

Strategy —

Digital strategy

Consider us your compass, shaping your digital presence based on your objectives and brand values.

To develop your brand strategy, we follow a clear and concise process. We begin with a benchmark and competitive analysis, studying your target audience, and analyzing your current communication to identify opportunities for growth. Next, we evaluate your communication objectives and determine the most effective means to achieve them. This includes implementing strategies such as social media, field activation, client acquisition, and inbound marketing. Additionally, we reflect on the return on investment for your products and/or services. Throughout the entire process, we provide guidance to ensure a comprehensive and results-driven approach.

Design —

Brand image and branding

We get it, the brand image, that’s you.

We implement your social media, field activation, and client acquisition strategies, along with an impactful inbound marketing approach. Additionally, we analyze the return on investment for your products and/or services.

To begin, we organize a workshop to understand your expectations, values, and needs. From there, we create a moodboard to capture your brand's atmosphere. After selecting from pencil drawing proposals, we refine and finalize your logo. A comprehensive graphic charter perfects the overall look. Your brand now stands out as unique and distinct from competitors.

Design —


Remember the time when Beyoncé Knowles was just one of the members of Destiny’s Child?

Yeah, that’s how long we’ve been tracking developments in user behaviour across screens! More than 20 years! Nowadays, over 70% of traffic takes place on Smartphones and the rules from 2 years ago have now become obsolete. We guide you in the design of digital interfaces and innovative and practical client experiences. Our skills in web design and understanding the user journey on digital allow us to better anticipate the future needs of your audience to optimise the effectiveness of your digital presence.

This has a considerable influence on the click-through rate of an e-commerce site, or client engagement on a showcase site or the conversion rate of a competition site. For us, this expertise is just as important as technical development. We have the entire Jakob Nielsen collection for best practices and we take part in the AWWWARDS, the OFF and KIKK festival and other conferences every year. And not only for the free drinks.

Strategy —

Content strategy

Content strategy helps to establish your positioning on specific themes.

It offers you attractive, authentic and understandable content.

Deployment of a relevant content strategy ensures coherence across all communication formats: website, social media, etc. It also means delivering the right content to your target, in the right format, at the right time.

Thought also goes into being more legible for search engines, generating qualified traffic to your website so that the user has access to the appropriate content.

Development —

Web Application

Since Hilarious began in 2012, we have been developing bespoke .Net applications.

Our team is principally composed of analyst programmers who create platforms, intranet style solutions, transactional sites and various web applications for our clients.

Static web application, dynamic web application, competition type web application, transactional type web application, e-commerce type web application , portal web application.

Creation —
Design —
Development —

Internet site creation

We take pride in our ability to offer a comprehensive and flexible coaching service for the creation of websites and the development of digital applications (web and mobile).

We take care of the entire process when realizing your website. This includes graphic design, content, animations, page transitions, HTML integration, back-end development, hosting configuration, security, and maintenance. This ensures the sustainability of your project, considering the advancements in browsers.

Design —

Design & Graphic design

From the very beginning, we create a unique and strong graphic concept!

Crafting a visually captivating experience involves a delicate balance of graphics, typography, image handling, shapes, and spacing. But it doesn't stop there. We understand the vital role of words and the meaning they convey. Our goal is to design a unique, powerful, and adaptable graphic style that truly reflects your brand.

We meticulously consider every format, ensuring your brand's identity remains consistent across various mediums. Our expertise extends beyond web design to encompass packaging, brochure design, leaflets, and point-of-sale materials. We go above and beyond to make your brand memorable and relevant in every aspect.


Animated video

Trivia time! Did you know that the human attention span is approximately 8 seconds and that 65% of the population possesses visual memory?

That’s why video is such a powerful and effective communication tool, especially with millennials. Consumption of short videos on Smartphones exploded by 300% in 2020.

We put all our creativity into imagining efficient storytelling for all kinds of content and for every format.

We produce clear and attractive animation to capture the attention of your audience.

Creation —
Design —
Strategy —

Social Media

Use of social media is the closest and most engaging method of communication that exists.

Our aim is to generate qualified traffic to your digital, phygital, or retail location by engaging your target audience with tailored content. This process begins with a thorough analysis, where we carefully choose relevant platforms. Creativity plays a crucial role, as we develop a detailed plan and closely monitor performance indicators. This approach allows us to maintain control over your social media activities.

Creation —
Design —
Strategy —

Contests & Gamification

Since 2012, we have developed hundreds of game mechanics!

We provide expert guidance to help you achieve your communication objectives in a truly unique way. Our approach leverages the power of gamification to foster commitment, motivation, and a sense of going the extra mile. Whether it's raising awareness, promoting a product, organizing an event, or facilitating education, our aim is to create a positive and engaging experience for users that is both continuous and effective.

Our games are designed to appeal to a wide audience, fostering consumer loyalty without being intrusive. They generate viral marketing and provide valuable data insights. By incorporating gamification, not only do we enhance your brand image, but we also create an excellent means of fostering customer loyalty.

We have a proven track record, having designed over 500 custom digital activations with original mechanics. During these activations, participants spend an average of 2.5 minutes immersed in our clients' brand universe. This level of sustained interaction is challenging to achieve with other types of campaigns.

Companies like Proximus, Cofidis, Toyota, and the Italian Tourist Office have already placed their trust in us and embraced gamification. Take the plunge and discover the transformative power of gamified experiences for your brand!

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Creation —
Design —
Development —

Experiences and interaction

We have developed around one hundred game mechanisms since 2012!

How about them apples, Hasbro! We can advise you on how to reach your communication goals in an original way. Games are conducive to engagement and motivation, the desire to go all the way. And they’re simply so much fun, too!

Whether the activation is for awareness-raising, to promote a product or event, or an educational approach, allow your users to focus on a positive experience in an ongoing and effective manner! Intended for a broad public, games encourage consumer loyalty without intrusiveness, generating viral marketing and data collection. In addition to its positive effect on your brand image, it is an excellent means to generating brand loyalty.

Design —
Development —
Strategy —

Emailing campaign

Emailing is the best way to reach your audience. Just ask reonel ramones and onel de guzman.

To ensure success, manage the frequency of sending, offer engaging content, and use compelling subject lines.

Our expertise in creating HTML layouts for emails has been honed over the years, predating even the emergence of Hilarious. Rest assured, our emails display flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether accessed through Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other platforms, recipients receive visually appealing and seamless newsletters. Meticulous attention to detail is at the core of our email campaigns.

We offer AbTesting, tailor-made copy, and efficient CTAs...

We are equally proficient with Adobe Campaign, Splio, or MailChimp, adapting to your specific needs.

We take charge of managing your database(s), hosting, and maintenance, as per your preference, ensuring an always up-to-date database.

Design —
Motion Design —
Strategy —

Online advertising

We do not recommend reproducing the advertising of the past in the modern context.

It doesn’t make much sense because the objectives are not the same. Online advertising has a different target. A campaign is a coherent set of actions and creations that can make a brand, a product or a service attractive in the eyes of your potential (and existing) clients.

We also take charge of adapting existing material into specific digital formats by creating impactful animations with a particular focus towards the CTA.

Our objective is to make you visible to your audience, to stand out from the competition and perform commercially. How? Strong skills in storytelling (curious and quirky), video shoots (production and post-production) and digital (montage, adaptation, broadcast).

Design —


We work with 3d as a format for our brand image and website creations.

With its enhanced freedom and depth, 3D design offers a level of realism and a unique palette that surpasses traditional images. We skillfully navigate through every creative aspect of 3D design, ensuring that we meet all the project's requirements with precision.